Cut the MiddleMan: Calendly direct integration

Cut the MiddleMan: Calendly direct integration

Calendly is an easy-to-use scheduling appointment tool with a very elegant and intuitive user interface. As a Calendly user you can set the availability and allow invitees to schedule an individual appointment or a group appointment. Appointments may be different in nature, they may be an individual course, a consultation, a group webinar and so […] Read More

NeverBounce email validation via Webhooks

Email validation is the process that verifies whether or not an email address is valid or not. In order to grow a successful business, good reputation is key. Building a good reputation thought is not an easy path and requires lots of work. Email contact with clients or prospects is a very important and as […] Read More

Integrating your GMAIL account

Flexie CRM email integration works perfectly with any email provider if you just input your provider correct settings.  However some providers have some sort of restrictions that make it difficult for the user to configure their email account in another email client. Such restriction we encounter even in Gmail. This is why we are going […] Read More

How to create Workflows to work with Zapier

In our daily routine, we perform lots of operations like adding or updating records. Nowadays we use lots of applications and tools and these repetitive tasks need to be performed in all the tools we use in order to keep data organized and synced. That is where integration became a priority, as data need to […] Read More

Email IMAP full integration

Given that users will not change their email each time a new platform comes out, the ability to add user’s own mailbox is very important. Configuration of your mailbox in Flexie CRM  is quite simple and easy, but you need to know specific information in order to add your account. Configuring IMAP/SMTP Protocols used for […] Read More

Integration with third parties using API

Flexie CRM API is a REST API  that uses HTTP defined methodologies and you can send and receive data by making HTTP requests.  Methods we use are GET, PUT, POST and DELETE and responses are resources or status codes depending on the client’s request made to the Flexie CRM API. As a first step,  to be able […] Read More
Zapier integration and setup

Zapier integration and setup

You can connect unlimited apps and services via Zapier, and send data right into Flexie CRM. With today’s demand to make data available from any possible source, many tasks that are done frequently can to be automated. Integration with Zapier allows you to connect to a lot more sources. With Zapier you can create Zaps which […] Read More