Cogsworth is an appointment scheduling app that makes it easy for your customers to schedule appointments with you. With Cogsworth you can synchronize your calendar and embed the booking form to your websites in order for your customers to book time with you.

“The key is not to prioritize you what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities”

— Stephen Covey

Cogsworth scheduling is easy and time saving for your customers. You can set your availability and the time-length of your appointments.

Cogsworth can send the payload to a third-party application through webhook capabilities giving the opportunity to process customer information from other platforms like Flexie CRM.

Integration Steps

As a first step to this Cognsworth – Flexie CRM integration we proceed by creating a Dynamic Endpoint in Flexie CRM and copy the auto-generated URL.

Navigate to Cogsworth -> Your account name -> Settings and then click on the tab Webhooks.

Paste the previously copied Dynamic Endpoint URL, activate it in the left switch and click on create and save settings buttons.

Now, whenever an appointment will be scheduled within Cogsworth, its information will be send to Flexie CRM which can then be processed further.

You can create appointments inside the Cogsworth by navigating to Appointments.

Or you can embed the form to your website when your customers will schedule an appointment with you.

What comes next is a step by step form that asks the customer to fill information like the duration of the meeting, date, their name, email address.

After filling all this information, you will receive a detailed payload in Flexie CRM.

The name determines if its a new appointment, or a canceled one.

In the customer section, you have the information about the customer that you can add in Flexie CRM as a Lead or Contact by accessing with {{}} and {{}}

The time and duration are defined in date and duration elements and can be accessed as {{}} and {{__data.duration}}

You can also save details of the meeting and save relevant information like the cancel and reschedule links.

Effective integration is key to simplify processes and boost productivity.

Direct integration are very important when it comes to cutting costs, third-party dependencies and having information centralized.

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