Traditional Entrepreneurship has been invaded with the digitally transformed business automation of our surroundings and there are no second thoughts about it. In order to survive and get the cutting edge advantage in this competitive era, businesses need to adapt to this abrupt and fundamental change. Long gone are the days where businesses relied on manual data records and individual analyses of scenarios.

Digital Enterprises in this era are highly utilizing new digital technologies (particularly automation tools, analytics and cloud solutions) to improve business operations, invent novel business models, sharpen business intelligence, and engage with customers and stakeholders through new and empowering channels.

Now, can this be done without conforming to digital tools and automation is a billion dollar question. The answer is a big NO.Luckily we provide a solution that is free from all gimmicks and third-party dependencies i.e Zapier or PieSync. If you have been using multiple automation tools and are fed up with over complication of things, you’ve come to the right place. If you still aren’t sure why you need automation for your business, continue reading and you will definitely reach a conclusion.

Importance of data

In business, data is the King, the Queen, the “everything” that you need to integrate your thoughts with the confidence to take reasonable and decisive actions. It is very important to quantify your experience with your customers to derive meaningful conclusions. Data collection is done with software and automation, and there are many different data collection procedures and techniques that can give you a deep insight into your own business.

The more you emphasize on data, the less possibilities of failure you are prone to. It is through data collection that a business gets the quality information they need to make informed choices. Without data collection, businesses would stumble around in the dark using less effective methods to make their decisions. Data analyses, instead, allow them to stay ahead of their competitors, provide answers to their local problems, and analyze new business insights to great effect.

Business automation will allow your marketing departments to zoom in on market segmentation data to find consumers who are ready to engage, speeding up the sale-closing process whenever possible.Business executives are able to inspect bigger trends in the market, such as changes in pricing of resources, shipping or manufacturing. The cost savings that you can get by effectively targeting your segmented customers can change your businesses fortunes and can greatly reduce your costs. Looking at the data and incorporating it into the business strategy can be done entirely by our marketing automation tool now.

Importance of automation

Now that it is established that streamlined data can do wonders, it is also important to understand how using automation tools indifferent segments of business can change your life.  Today, it is evident that business automation is essential for collective growth. The first thing you think of when you hear about business automation is perhaps reducing excessive staff and dependency, however there are many other benefits as well.

  • Time Efficiency: Automation tools handle a variety of tasks ranging from sending out email updates to routing digital files; business process automation software diminishes the time it takes for a staff member to complete their everyday tasks. This creates more free time to concentrate on more important decisions and higher priorities.
  • Data Management: Business automation creates a process of keeping digital records. Once a business document is captured in the system, its information is automatically transferred to a digital database and is used for indexing and data management. Ignoring these minute things can be a source of major setback for businesses that do not effectively maintain regulatory compliance and incur compliance-related penalties, resulting in hefty fines.
  • Risk handling: One of the added benefits of automation is that it eliminates horrific situations where processing steps might be missed or documents, misplaced. The automated process follows strict guidelines for document actions and things cannot be overlooked and avoided. Guidelines are also set and created by you so you get the control over it as well. Your employees can thus easily perform their tasks, such as verifying information and completing daily job functions, in a scenario where the process is accurate, constant, and dependable.
  • Equal standards for Customers:With business automation, customers will receive the same standard care with every interaction. You can quickly cross check customers history and can assist them using their previous records. This makes it easier for customers to rely on your customer support and makes working with your company far more user-friendly. Automation also sets a structure of dealing with the clients, so that every time customers get the same experience and can associate reliability with your brand.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation tools are no longer a luxury, they are accessible to everyone who wants to adapt to positive change. Businesses using marketing automation tools see more web traffic, more customers, and spur greater retention and loyalty. Automated marketing campaigns allow personalized engines; marketing automation engages prospects and clients through highly relevant content that, in turn, converts them into loyal customers, especially, for E-Commerce brands that can augment their overall email open rates by utilizing A/B testing across all email components.

Amazingly, automated sales and marketing tools can ensure that an email is populated with the right content and sent at just the right time, these solutions result in data-driven decisions and results. It is now being seen widely that those emails include a section that showcases“people also bought” or “customers also looked at”. These recommendation email scan be automated and personalized to individual consumer buying preferences depending upon their previous browsing history.

Automated marketing solutions can bring customers and businesses a lot closer and can create customer loyalty. Real-time customer loyalty information, customized deals and incentives through various channels,regardless of whether a shopper is in a brick-and-mortar store, on a website,or even pursuing social media. Consumers actions trigger these campaigns, which then turn the wheel and create an everlasting circle of engagement between customer and business brands.

Operations and Supply Chain Automation

While we have already talked a lot about the benefits of automation, it is important to understand how operations management can be transformed using automation tools as well. In operations, there are a lot of things that are simply repetitive and done manually by manual labors. Automation saves up your cost as it provides you with the opportunity of one-time investment that can remain with your business forever.

All your staff can be utilized in less repetitive and manual tasks. Operations team mostly follows very strict deadlines and are always in a lot of pressure. With automation at hand, they can do a lot more in the expected time. You certainly don’t have to rely on human memory with tasks integrated and well communicated between cross business teams.

Finance and Accounts Automation

The evolution of accounting and finance from the spread sheet documents to automated financial tools has been pretty dominant and clear. Along with the benefits mentioned above, specifically finance requires automation to catch up with the fast-changing overlook of financial business needs.

Financial data is being boosted with machine learning and will replace time-intensive, low-value and backwards-looking accounting tasks very soon. Hence now your finance team members will be spending more of their time on high-value, forward-looking business building. The sooner you can integrate your business with accounting automation now, the better positioned your finance department will be to become a crucial strategic partner in the industry ahead.

How difficult is it to automate and adapt to change?

Automation is a ghost that you cannot avoid. Sooner or later, you will have to submit to the direction of this world. Some of you might be afraid of this daunting change that will hit your business; the reality, however, is different. It is important that you create an environment that accepts and enjoys the change. Automation is as simple as understanding why your business needs automation, the rest comes very naturally. All you need to do is install the relevant software and train your staff on how to use it.

The problem businesses face is that many leaders struggle to fully encourage and motivate their employees in the process. They often move hastily or are too outcome-driven,which sometimes doesn’t work. These problems can only be addressed when managers and leaders take an interest in people’s deeply rooted emotions and the needs that drive them.

I would reiterate it again that business automation also provides skills that will be a mandatory requirement in future and this can be a huge motivation for many of the employers who want to survive in the market.

If you are convinced to transform your business now and are looking for a complete automated solution, here is your chance to have a look at Flexie CRM.

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