Are you a small business looking for an on-premise CRM solution? A mid-sized company with rapid growth? You’ve come to the right place. Thanks to our on-premise solution, you will have a solid, flexible, and powerful Customer Relationship Management system at your disposal. Once you cover the fee for the on-premise solution, you will own the CRM. The great thing about our on-premise solution is that users will have a fully-featured system, just like the cloud-based solution. The difference being that in our on-premise solution, unlike the cloud-based approach, you will have total control over the CRM.  Sales automation, deals management, VoIP integration, email integration (IMAP), custom reports, and all the other features of our CRM. The best of Flexie, for small and mid-sized companies who want to become the best in their respective industries.

Advantages of our on-premise CRM solution

Complete control over security

Once you subscribe to our on-premise solution, you can implement and manage the CRM through your IT department. You’ll effectively have an in-house CRM, since you will own the system. Take security into your hands. You can set rules about who can have access into the CRM and who doesn’t. From hacking protections, to physical security and other important security matters.

Install and manage the CRM locally

Having a sense of control over your business is vital. With our on-premise solution, you can install and manage the CRM locally. Since the solution is stored in your own data center or physical location, you’ll effectively become the owner of the software. Once you cover the fee, you can own and operate the solution according to your needs and preferences. And, of course, you will have total support from our team.

Become the owner of the CRM

If you’re a fast-growing small or mid-sized company, have enough resources and IT expertise to take control of the CRM system, then our on-premise solution is the perfect choice for you. An on-premise solution, unlike a cloud-based one, gives you complete control over the software. By choosing our on-premise solution, you will not only own and manage it, but you can also scale and customized it based on your needs. A flexible customer relationship management system, for flexible scaling, for flexible companies.

Flexie offers you a full-featured solution, allowing you to automate repetitive tasks, boost productivity, and offer an amazing customer experience. Because Flexie is flexible, you can always switch from our on-premise solution to the cloud-based one. We understand that as a company grows and evolves, so does its needs. Therefore, you can opt for the cloud solution whenever you see it fit. With Flexie, you are never stuck with one alternative or solution. And, of course, we will continue supporting you, whether you choose the on-premise solution or a cloud-hosted one.

If you are interested for this type of solution, please email us at oi.eixelf@esimerp-no, so we can get back to you, and discuss all the needed details.