Integrate all of Flexie’s functionalities into your existing systems or apps through our API.

Easily integrate Flexie CRM through our RESTful API. Add leads, deals, contacts or accounts from your application without having to access Flexie. Edit CRM-related information anytime, anywhere, by using our RESTful API.

OAuth 2.0
Flexie uses the protocol OAuth 2.0 to give users access to our CRM through credentials stored on our authorization server. Safe and secure.

In addition to the OAuth 2.0 protocol, Flexie allows users to get access through an API Key, a very useful shortcut. The system allows the user to generate a public key and a secret key to get access to our CRM. Once our system recognizes the user’s public and secret key, it gives instant access into its functionalities and features. Simple to use and highly secure.

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