Jonathan Asbell from Property Under The Palms – is doing a short and general review about his experience using Flexie CRM.

Overall what I like about Flexie is

  1. the platform is solid, dependable, and well organized
  2. it is the only platform that had all of the features I was looking for
  3. support is very responsive
  4. the people who created it are very sharp and experienced
  5. turn around time for changes and new features are fast and constant
  6. the value I get far surpasses Hubspot, Active Campaign, Infusionsoft etc.etc.

The organization of the information in the system is easy to understand, so we don’t get lost, and the founders are really good at coming up with alternative ways of using the platform to accomplish what you are trying to do.

Related to value, for the same price of a Salesforce OEM account I can get more features than what Salesforce offers, and can have up to 200,000 contacts in the CRM at the basic level.

On a feature level they provide a comprehensive set of custom fields that can address any business case. Its not like most other platforms where you are not given the option of a Date field, or a multi field value. This was important for me so that I could properly model my business processes, and so I was not forced to accept or address some crazy work-around that I would have to be conscious about all of the time.

They also have a unique feature which has saved me weeks of wasted time called “Snippets”. Snippets are small text and html pieces that can be incorporated into other pieces so that a single change can edit dozens of email templates without having to hunt around and copy, paste, and make mistakes. For example, I built 2 signatures and compliance text that have to appear in all messages. Each had a phone number, email, facebook url, website, address, and photo. I had a snippet for each, so when I went from a staging environment to a live one I only made 1 change to the value in one snippet called {{domain}}. When I wanted to change the wording of the opt-out text I made 1 change in 1 snippet and it changed everywhere. This is so valuable when we are tweaking marketing messages, or going from staging to live, or from one domain to another. Its also very easy to preview your email messages. Just click and you see the whole email message rendered with merge fields etc. Lastly, I love that I can schedule an email to be sent in the future. That way when a client asks to remind them I just create the message, schedule it, and I know it will be sent without having to create a task or a reminder.

Another feature I really like is that you can build business rules off of other business rules in order to reuse rules and develop more complex rules on top of the rules. For Ex: Prospect, Prospect Qualified, Prospect Qualified Responded. The 2nd is built off of the 1st, and the 3rd is built off of the 2nd. So if I ever change my definition of “Prospect” it also changes for Prospect Qualified and Prospect Qualified Responded. This lets me see whats going on, verify who is getting what communication, and incrementally create reusable rules. This comes in handy when you have something like “is Active” AND “has opened my email this month” AND “lives in Pennsylvania”, because you dont want to have to keep creating a search filter for this complex condition every time you need it and want to send those people a communication.

My industry is Real Estate, and the way I use it is to track, communicate, and schedule future activities with prospects and clients.

  1. I can segment Contacts and Leads separately and dynamically (or not dynamically) using fields or lists so that I can be CERTAIN that the right person is always getting the right message.
  2. I have dozens of email templates set up so that I can just send out a pre-made message on a whim after a call or in response, or schedule it to go out in a day or 2
  3. I can easily see who is visiting my website, opening and clicking on my emails, and I can track, score, and respond manually or automatically based on a condition
  4. I create forms that I stick inside MY OWN website which act as landing pages.
  5. I can segment or filter all contacts who have not been called in #X weeks

My group does not use IDX on our website as a business decision, but I know Flexie offers this integration.

This is definitely a platform for people who already know what they are doing in Marketing and Technology, and for users who don’t want to be limited by the number of contacts or communications they want to have.

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