When it comes to automating sales, marketing and other work-related processes within an organization, Flexie CRM reigns supreme. More specifically, building a workflow allows you to automate tasks that would otherwise take a lot of time and manual labor. Below is a detailed and illustrated scenario of how can you build a workflow in Flexie CRM.

As a first step, go to Workflows and click on Manage Workflows

To create a new Workflow, go to the top right corner of the page and click the New button


Once you click the New button, you will be greeted with the following window:

Select workflow entity type

Your next step is to choose the entity upon which you want build the workflow, as described above. You can build the workflow on a Lead, Contact, Account or Deal. Say you want to build the workflow on a Lead. After selecting Lead as your workflow entity type, you will be greeted with the following screen:

New workflow

Name the workflow and write a description of it (optional). To start building the workflow, click the Launch Workflow Builder button.

Workflow builder

Let’s say you want to build a simple workflow upon leads submitting your form. First, go to Workflow sources and click on Entity forms.

Entity forms

You want to add 5 points to the lead and also send a follow-up email. First go to actions and click Adjust lead points.

Adjust lead points

Next, add 5 points and then click Add.

Add points

Next, go to Actions once again and click Send email.

Send email

You don’t want to send the follow-up email email immediately, though. Say you want to wait at least 1 day before sending the email. Fill in the fields and click Add.

Send email

You also want the workflow to execute other actions if the lead opens the follow-up email. First, go to Watch For events and click on Open Marketing Email.

Opens marketing email

If the lead opens the follow-up email, you want to add 10 points to the lead, send a text message and also share the lead. First, go to Adjust lead points.

Adjust lead points

Add 10 points and then click Add.

Adjust lead points

Next, go to Actions and click Send SMS.

Send sms

Write the message and then click Add.


Finally, you may want to share that lead with users or groups within your company. Head over to actions and click Share.


Choose whom do you want to share the lead with and then click Add.

Share lead form

The workflow we’ve just built looks like this:


Notice that this was just one of the many examples of building a simple workflow. In Flexie CRM, depending on your needs, you may build more complex workflows.

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