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Multi Pipelines

Multiple deals pipelines to boost your sales process. Intuitive, simple and powerful.

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Drag and Drop

Smooth and intuitive drag and drop navigation. Easily move deals between stages.

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Deals Forecast

Predict deals value with high accuracy and set goals for your team.

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Stage Win Probability

Get insight into your sales pipeline. Set win probability for each stage.

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Deals Pipeline

Bring more revenues to your company by focusing on the deals with the highest value. Timing is crucial in sales, and so is having a simple and insightful deals pipeline. Flexie has built an easy-to-use and powerful deals management system, allowing you to concentrate on deals that bring the most value to your organization.

Never let high-value deals fall through the cracks. Our user-friendly and customizable deals pipeline lets you create as many deals as you want. Use filters to find specific deals, drag and drop deals to move through stages, and have everything into one place.

Close more deals, set new targets for your team and tailor your deals pipeline to your sales thinking. Assign deals and tasks to your sales reps and managers. Do more with less.

Marketing Emails

Create innovative and personalized marketing campaigns. Use email to reach your customers.

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Personal Emails

Send and receive personal emails via our fully integrated email system (IMAP).

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SMS Messages

Send SMS (text) messages to leads. Personalize customer experience and boost engagement.

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Flexible API

Flexible, intuitive and powerful API. Integrate Flexie’s functionalities into other systems/ applications.

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Multiple Channels

In today’s highly-competitive business world, fast and efficient communication is key to success. Flexie has built a solid, easy-to-use and powerful communication platform. Reach your customers via email, on the phone, through text messaging or through social media. Use tracking to detect what your customers are seeing and take the necessary steps to boost engagement.

Talk to your customers via our channels of communication, engage with them, and never let any important piece of information fall through the cracks. Reach your customers, wherever they are. Keep track of all conversations, interact with your customers, and make the most of our user-friendly, easy-to-use and powerful communication platform.

Flexie lets you create a fast and efficient communication process with your customers. Use the medium of communication that best works for you.

SQL Access

Get instant access into your database. User-friendly interface, easy-to-use, and very convenient.

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Pre-defined Reports

Use pre-defined reports to gain insight into sales performance and other metrics.

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Multi Dashboards

Multiple dashboards to help you get a visual insight into your company.

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Report to Widget

Add widgets to make your reports personalized. User-friendly interface. Easy as pie.

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Reporting & Dashboards

Turn data into valuable insight by using our fully customizable reports. Closely monitor leads, your marketing campaigns and other vital metrics through our dashboards. Flexie allows you to customize charts and reports. This way you can analyze sales performance and come up with solutions based on dynamic charts and reports.

Add new dashboards, or modify existing ones. Gain a better understanding of your leads through our customizable reports and charts. Closely monitor performance of your sales team. See who has converted more leads, closed more deals, sent more emails, and much more. Relevant and up-to-date information is power.

Edit reports categories so they reflect your company’s needs. Create new reports and charts. Tinker with them and see what is working and what’s not. Gain deeper insight into your company.

Smart Lists

Organize records into smart lists by finding leads, accounts, contacts or deals.

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Multi Workflow

Create multiple workflows and automate repetitive tasks. Set actions based on events.

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Event-based Actions

Trigger event-based actions upon an event being completed and set time-based actions.

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Deep filtering

Use filters to gain huge insight into campaigns, workflows, tasks and more.

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Workflow Automation

When it comes to sales, automation is everything. In a highly-competitive business world, you get ahead by working smarter, not harder. As your company grows, you need more efficient tools and ways of automating work processes and sales. Take sales to another whole new level by automating repetitive tasks that would otherwise take a lot of time and resources.

By automating all repetitive processes, you free up time for important tasks that need your complete attention. Set event-based actions to send follow-up emails to leads, add points to them when they click a link or submit a form, send email/sms/web notifications, add tasks and notes, and much more.

Make your life easier by automating all repetitive tasks. Simple, powerful and intuitive workflow designer. Do more with less.