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This is our cookie policy for users who reside in one of the European Union (EU) countries. Please read our policy carefully before you proceed to using our site. We are not responsible for any inconvenience resulting from not reading our cookie policy. Under the new European Union (EU) legislation on cookies, all information gathered from users will be used to offer an improved user experience. Article 5(3) of the ePrivacy directive stipulates that all users will be asked for prior consent before accessing their personal data. In order to conform to this stipulation, we will always ask users if they agree to our cookies and other tracking technologies. To make your consent valid, we will make sure that it is first and foremost specific and freely given. Notice that some cookies don’t comply with the above requirement. Consent shall not be asked in the following scenarios: Cookies that used only to carry out transmission of a communication Cookies that are absolutely necessary for the service provider to carry out requests from users
As per the law, the following types of cookies are exempt from consent:
Load-balancing cookies User- input cookies used to keep track of users’ data when filling out forms, shopping carts, etc. Third-party cookies used for sharing content on social media Authentication cookies in order to identify users once they log in and the duration of the session. User-based security cookies as a means of preventing authentication abuse. Multimedia content player cookies that store data while a video or audio content plays on a specific website. In order to comply with the EU Cookies Directive, we pledge to give users the inalienable right to refuse our cookies. We will use pop-up windows or notifications in order to inform users about the use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Furthermore, we will inform users about the type of cookies used in our site, why are they used and how. When obtaining consent from users, we will use the following two methods:
Affirmative and explicit consent
We will place a checking box or a clickable button to obtain consent from users. By checking the box or clicking the button, you explicitly agree to our cookie policy
Implied consent
As per law, as long as you keep browsing our website, you give implied consent to our cookie policy. In order to comply with the EU Cookies Directive, we shall make sure that you notice our use of cookies. We will display the pop-up window in a visible place on the homepage, written in a form that’s easy to understand, so that no user misses or doesn’t understand it. The notice will make it crystal-clear that by continuing to browse the site, the user implicitly gives us the consent to place cookies on the user’s device. The notice shall remain visible until the user starts browsing the site. We agree to provide you true, accurate and clear transparent information about different questions you may have such as why are we using cookies, the types of cookies used, who has access to all the cookie-related information(be it third-party or our site), how can you withdraw your consent, and other related questions. Do not use the site if you don’t agree with our Cookie Policy. By continuing to browse the website, as stated above, you give us implicit consent to place cookies on your device. Notice that while the above requirements apply to each country within the EU, some countries within the European Union may have additional requirements and instructions regarding cookie policy. If you have any questions regarding our cookie policy, don’t hesitate to contact us.