Most powerful app in my toolkit

Diego G. Capterra Review

Flexie gives you all the tools and the freedom you need to make the most out of a CRM. With powerful workflows, and complete freedom to receive webhooks and communicate via API, you can integrate it with all other tools in your arsenal. Since we started using Flexie, we were able to automate various manual tasks, and generate custom reports that help our team stay organized and on top of things. You have complete freedom to create entities, custom fields, workflows, connect SMTP, send emails. There are a lot of in-built methods so that you can fully customize all emails and messages. Flexie replaced at least 6 other apps that we used daily.

Flexible, Fast, and Awesome

Sebastian B. Capterra Review

After trying out various CRM & email automation platforms, I couldn't find one that did everything I needed it to as a marketing agency. Pipeline CRM features mixed with Email Automation and SMS automation work very well together. Pricing is very fair too, and less than you would pay for SMS + Email Automation + CRM softwares combined. Flexie is definitely the best all-in-one solution any business, freelancer, or agency can use.

Great CRM which is Powerful and Flexible

Raymond C. Capterra Review

Flexible structure and powerful at the same time allow integrating directly with all other software/application which supports webhooks. Its workflow engine is flexible and your imagination is the limit! This allows automation to the next level. Definitely a great tool for business.

Unreal power

Curtis R. Capterra Review

Flexibility It's so crazy when you figure out the possibilities with this CRM!

A truly Flexi-ble CRM

Gianni D. Capterra Review

Flexi is truly a very flexible CRM, adaptable to many business situations. Equipped with many features that make it a complete and very powerful tool. In addition to CRM, it has automation functions for marketing and lead generation. The ticket management and support functions are also very useful.