We help our customers to successfully build a digital strategy for their company using Flexie #CRM Platform

Back in 2010, we started a small software house company, based in Tirana, Albania, our main market was USA and Europe, so we got involved on some large CRM projects, from which we built a lot of experiences and the right KnowHow on how to create and deploy a proper CRM and Automation Engine.

Flexie CRM started as a generic solution for small and medium companies which were challenged with the digital transformation of the economy, and as a result of our previous success in similar projects, we created Flexie as a platform which would be adaptable in many industries. We have already deployed the solution on many large clients.

In the today world, what is needed more than anything else, are the automatic processes within the company, you can do a lot more with doing less, our platform can work for you.

Our team would make sure that your organization will succeed, because we are not just selling our products, we also offer you our knowledge for free. Its time to move forward in a market full of competitors and challenges