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Flexie CRM
Workflow Engine

Automate your workflow, streamline your sales process and increase productivity. Do more with less.

Multiple SMTP

Multiple SMTP for your marketing and transactional emails, using distribution rules.

Multiple IMAP

Integrate all your personal mailbox into Flexie, Gmail, Zoho, Office 365 or any other IMAP.

Multiple Dashboards

Make use of multiple dashboards with optional permissions based on the users accessing Flexie.

Deep filtering

Use advanced filters to gain a better understanding of workflows, campaigns, tasks and more.

Leads scoring

Track activity, gain information, and put your best foot forward with new clients.

Contacts management

Keep track of your contacts. Add filters, reassign contacts, import/ export them and more.

Deals and Sales

Manage your deals through every stage. Stay organized and clear about your next step.

Case Management

Have a centralized place where you can review your cases and assign tasks to your team automatically.

2-Way SMS

Stay in touch with clients or build your notification system, through automated SMS.

Website Tracking

Track potential client's activity on your website, and run automatic actions based on their behaviour.

Push Content

Push dynamic content to your website when the lead is online, be it a form, HTML or JSON data.

Your business data at your fingertips.

We provide an easy-to-use interface so you can query and make the best use of your data, using the flexibility of SQL language.

We offer custom reports, charts and sales information.

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