A #CRM platform
to boost productivity.

Flexie CRM helps you connecting the dots along your entire customer journey, best for ambitious small and medium sized companies with big growth plans.

Build deep #relationships with your customers, #automate communications, and give a #boost to your business in the digital economy era.

Flexie on-premise #crm solution

Beside the cloud solution, we offer the full product as a hybrid approach on-premise into your datacenter or your physical location learn more


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EXPLAINED Why does your business need a CRM in the first place? Your company digital transformation journey Learn More

Deals Pipeline & Stages

Gain immense insight into your pipeline and take the necessary steps to close more deals. Easy-to-use and intuitive interface. Fully customizable, powerful and the tool you need to stay organized throughout the sales process.

Take sales pipeline management to the next level. Gain insight into your deals’ value, make forecasts and prompt your team into action. Build a powerful and intuitive sales pipeline.

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Workflow Automation Builder

Make your system work for you, automate as much as possible, and stay on top of it, from dynamic notifications, to dynamic updates, and custom entities you can literally automate everything into your Flexie CRM. You just need the strategy!

By automating all repetitive processes, you free up time for important tasks that need your complete attention. Simple, powerful and intuitive workflow designer. Do more with less.

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Customizable Dashboards

Fully customizable dashboard; add or edit dashboards whenever you see it appropriate. Gain vast insight into the number of converted leads, created deals, won and lost deals, sent & read marketing emails, and much more.

See top users, entities created, and make predictions about deals’ value. Dynamic pie charts and bar charts to give you a clear picture of your business operations. Clarity is power. Flexible and easy-to-use interface.

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Full Email (IMAP) integration

Fully integrated email system. Use Flexie as an email client through the IMAP protocol, and have all email correspondence into one place. Fully automated and simple-to-use interface.

Send and receive emails in our CRM Mailbox. You no longer have to switch between Flexie and custom email providers. Keep close track of all your email correspondence, manage folders and take actions when you see it appropriate. Simple and powerful.

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Automation ready

Automate all your workflows and focus on growing your business. Do more with less.

Smart lists

Organize your records into smart lists by finding leads, accounts, contacts or deals.

Email campaigns

Launch marketing campaigns. Automate your marketing process and keep track of open emails.

Custom reports

Get meaningful insight from your company by creating custom detailed reports about everything.

Deep filtering

Use advanced filters to gain a better understanding of workflows, campaigns, tasks and more.

Leads scoring

Score your leads based on events, keep tracking their activity, so you can focus on what's worth most.

Contacts management

Keep track of your contacts. Add filters, reassign contacts, import/ export them and more.

Deals management

Manage your deals through each stage in pipeline. Import/export them, auto-create and much more.

Your business data at your fingertips.

We give you the flexibility of SQL query, so you can query your data for about everything, also we have an easy to use Interface which would hint you all table and field names.

All custom reports can be tied up in dashboard with meaningful charts.

An up-to-date look at the latest trends and HOWTOs

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