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Flexie CRM helps you connecting the dots along your entire customer journey, best for ambitious small and medium sized companies with big growth plans.

Flexie on-premise #crm solution

Beside the cloud solution, we offer the full product as a hybrid approach on-premise into your datacenter or your physical location learn more

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Flexie CRM

EXPLAINED Why does your business need a CRM in the first place? Your company digital transformation journey Learn More

Workflow Engine

Automate all your workflows and addapt Flexie to your business not the vice versa. Do more with less.

Multiple SMTP

Multiple SMTP for your marketing and transactional emails, using distribution rules.

Multiple IMAP

Integrate all your personal mailbox into Flexie, Gmail, Zoho, Office 365 or any other IMAP.

Multiple Dashboards

Multiple dashboards with optional permissions sets based on the users or groups accesssing Flexie.

Deep filtering

Use advanced filters to gain a better understanding of workflows, campaigns, tasks and more.

Leads scoring

Score your leads based on events, keep tracking their activity, so you can focus on what's worth most.

Contacts management

Keep track of your contacts. Add filters, reassign contacts, import/ export them and more.

Deals and Sales

Manage your deals through each stage in pipeline. Import/export them, auto-create and much more.

Case Management

Have a centralized place of your support cases, assign to the team automatically and send autoreply.

2-Way SMS

Use Twilio or Nexmo for 2-Way SMS sending and receiving, create automatic rules on Workflow.

Website Tracking

Track your leads and contacts on your websites, then based on their behaviour take automatic actions.

Push Content

Push dynamic content to your website, when the lead is online, be it a form, HTML or JSON data.

Your business data at your fingertips.

We give you the flexibility of SQL query, so you can query your data for about everything, also we have an easy to use Interface which would hint you all table and field names.

All custom reports can be tied up in dashboard with meaningful charts.

An up-to-date look at the latest trends and HOWTOs

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